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This site may intimidate you at first, but once you understand the concept, everything falls into place. If you get lost or need help, consult this forum.
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↳ 01. Ω Points

Unread post by Xopher » 2 years ago

Ω Points are rewarded to you as our way of saying "Thank You for your patronage."

You get Ω Points by participating in the discussion board, and depending on what you contribute, you are awarded extra points and have a 33% chance to score bonus points. These points can be transferred between users or stored in the Ω Vault where your savings will compound interest. Or if you're looking to get rich quick, try your luck in the Mega Ω Power Lotto! Also, to make things even more exciting, it is possible to try and rob others at a risk of losing your own Ω Points.

Have Fun!
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