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Now Arriving :: Hiatus Exodus

Unread post by Xopher » 2 years ago

As we come into the last quarter of 2017, I take moment to pause and look back at everything that has led up to this point. This community, with its roots originating as early as late 2004, began as a thriving group of young individuals. Over the last 13 years - Time would get to test its strengths against each one of our indivisibility. And Yet, I'm here now, posting this "thread" as evidence that our links have not stop connecting and will continue to connect this day and the next. 8-)

What began as a community of people having fun sharing ideas, thoughts, discussions, videos, music, arts, crafts, technology, games, poetry, and everything else under the sun - will never cease to exist! Please, kick off your shoes, stay a while. Link up and make yourself an account. Introduce yourself, say Hello and become acquainted with the community. Be, sure feel free to share with us your talents, skills, and anything else you may think is noteworthy... Or rather - Thread worthy :geek:
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