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    To become a certified affiliate, please include a back-link on your website to www.hallofthegods.com then submit your site in here. Backlinks are checked every 7 days for validity and become automatically removed if the backlink isn't found after 3 weeks.

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    A place to promote all the different artists and their creations out there. If you're an arts and craft creator with a website to share, please put it in here!

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    These websites are a part of the Unofficial Affiliates Network. If you'd like to submit your website/community/network/etc to help increase traffic and ranking, please submit your site here.

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    We created an area for all of our users that have a streaming channel so that they too may share their link.

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    For all the musically talented individuals, we offer this area to you to submit your link to your productions.

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    For all the gamers out there that would like to promote their site - this is the place for you. We do ask that you backlink to www.hallofthegods.com however.

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    New sites are popping up everyday. If you have a site that is currently undergoing development that you'd like to share to get comments and suggestions, post your site in here.

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    If you'd like to submit a facebook page that doesn't fall into the categories above, submit it here.

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    This is a good place to add noteable twitter accounts that do not fall into any categories above.

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    This is the place where you can submit sites that really have no other place to go but we still want to share it among the network. DISCLAIMER: These sites may contain graphic content.

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